About the FREYA project

FREYA is a three-year project funded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme. It follows the successful THOR project. The FREYA team is comprised of project partners across Europe, the United States and Australia.

Given the sheer volume of research data stored and shared globally each year, we need reliably traceable and connected research records. The aim of the FREYA project is to see persistent identifiers (PIDs) adopted by researchers in all disciplines as an essential part of sharing and preserving their work.

The FREYA Project will open the way to exciting new research questions and methods, less duplication and more collaboration as well as accurate citation and attribution for researchers. It will result in improved discovery, navigation, retrieval and access to research resources in the EU and around the world.

Programme of work

The programme of work for FREYA is divided into a series of work packages:

WP1 Project ManagementProject management for FREYA (2017-2020)
WP2 PID Core ServicesImproving and harmonising existing PID services
WP3 New PID TypesDeveloping and delivering new PID services to meet researcher needs
WP4 PID GraphJoining PID services and providing a visual representation of links between researchers, publications and data
WP5 Engagement Building a community of practice to test, discuss, share and use PIDs
WP6 Sustainability Establishing open, inclusive governance structures and mechanisms for the sustainability of PID services beyond the life of the project

Alongside this programme we have a fantastic group of FREYA Ambassadors - data specialists and researchers who are engaged with us and are helping us to share the work we're doing. See our website for more information about the Ambassador Programme.